DISC Personality Assessments

disc-puzzle-balls-500The DISC personality assessment tool is used by over a million people annually to greatly improve communication, teamwork and work productivity.

Understanding your own unique personality and how others are wired differently is key to being able to build relationships and become effective leaders.

A DISC profile helps you understand how you and others

  • Respond to conflict
  • Are motivated
  • Experience stress

With this understanding you can:

  • Minimize conflict for better teamwork
  • Increase sales success by better understanding your customers
  • Better understand and manage the personalities and priorities of fellow employees
  • Become a better, more effective leader.


In individual or group settings, I can conduct the DISC personality survey and provide the assessments necessary to help you increase sales, increase productivity and/or better harmonize your corporate culture or work environment.  Contact me to discuss how to best present these valuable materials to your team.

$225 Personality Assessment

  • Purchase an online DISC assessment with a 1-hour interpretation and brief action plan with Dana McKee.

$450 FAMILY Personality Assessment

  • Purchase online DISC assessments for a family of four with two 1-hour interpretations and brief action plan with Dana McKee.
  • Child assessments available. Ages 5 & up.

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