Our Philosophy

We believe God designed our bodies to be healthy and in balance. Due to toxins in the environment, changes in farming and the atmosphere, combined with genetics and dietary choices, our bodies experience imbalances of all sorts—sometimes debilitating.  This website serves to provide resources and point you in directions which may help.

After owning a successful Natural Medicine consulting business for 17 years, I have come to realize all people desire to lead a life of significance, even if they are battling health issues. There is so much more to who we are than the way we feel, and we can still make an impactful difference, no matter the challenges we face. This revelation led me to further my training and continue in my love for pouring out into people, just in a different way. I have now launched Impact Intentionally LLC, which helps individuals make intentional steps toward leading a life of legacy that ripples through generations

This Want 2B Healthy website hosts recommendations and links which answer questions about natural medicine and provide recommendations on companies I continue to use for my daily supplementation and natural skincare.

We do not diagnose or treat disease. We do not claim to be medical professionals nor is any advice given on this site meant to replace the opinion of your physician. Our goal is to continue to encourage you to explore all aspects of your body’s health—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our prayer is that you will create a physical and nutritional environment conducive for achieving balance in your body.

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